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How To Teenage with your Teenager

Wow! Two teenagers in my house has brought all sorts of crazy. From ten grunting male species buddies to the amount of food consumed, things can get out of hand in a HURRY!!


As a woman, I knew exactly how to care for skin. A woman's skin. In high school, I played the flute, which created all sorts of issues on my chin area with copious amounts of skin problems. I knew how to deal with that. I have an education in skin physiology. I understand surfactants, humectants, parabens, sulfates, oils, etc. But, I really had minimal experience understanding the daily struggles that push through because of that sex hormone, androgen, tied together with shaving and emotional stress.

While this is not a skin care regimen, it is a simple start to what can be a stressful time for your entire household!

So, here is a quick HOW-TO TEENAGE guide for skin care.

  1. Teach!!! Do not obsess, simply teach. When you put into perspective that your kids have only been on this earth for 13, 14, 15 years, you are easily reminded that they need taught and it will take time. Teach them that it is not only important to pay attention to what goes in their body but also ON their body. With your skin being the largest and most absorbent organ, teaching them perspective is everything. Also, reminding your teenager that every smart device has multiple filters helps them understand some perspective, too!!

  2. Start Small!!! Your teenager is already overwhelmed, even if they do not tell you that. With all of the pressures of the teenage life along with the hormone fluctuations that cause even more internal struggles, the last thing that a parent needs to do is add a seven-step skin care line. The number is two. Two things that will insure healthy habits and great results are simply a cleanser and a moisturizer. It really can be that simple.

  3. Introductions!!! When it comes to skin care, you should consider finding a tutor. Introducing them to an esthetician that can help them with understanding their skin and finding a facial regimen can really boost everyone's morale, including yours! Often times, when parents see pimples all over their teenager's face, they automatically conclude that there is a lack of consistent skin care. However, that is VERY RARELY the case! While going regularly to a spa can seem like overkill, it can be necessary. It becomes like a sport: you have to put them around someone who understands it and can teach them how to execute the plan. Even getting an express facial every six weeks is going to give them someone to talk to and someone to help them in the skin struggles while it also teaches you some facts about what their skin is doing. The amount of misconceptions on the internet is quite shocking to this esthetician!

  4. Fourth!!! Have patience, and be consistent with your direction. Do not get on them too hard for the forgetful nature of their brain, but show them by taking care of your own skin. Think about this: from the time our children are tiny, we have a routine we start with them: "Take a bath. Brush your teeth. Comb your hair. Put lotion on....." The one thing we do not start is the, "Let's stand over the sink. Get the water hot. Wash your face for a total of three minutes to dissolve the surface oil. Okay, rinse that. Let's do that again: don't forget the three minute rule on the second wash to finally get to the foreign dirt and debris that got through your surface oil to embed in your pores. Oh, and by the way, that surface oil you produce is your skin's way of protecting itself from the outside elements..." Remember, it takes 100 times of doing something regularly to actually become a habit. Give them time!

  5. Shhhhh!!! According to Sharpologist, reporting in November, the number one self esteem killer in boys is actually teen acne, with skin and hair being the number one esteem killer for girls. Wow!! As boys and girls change with their bodies, self esteem is a real struggle. Even the slightest tease about their skin can destroy what little esteem they may have. We all remember our siblings teasing one another about oily hair and pimpled faces. As parents, we grow into light teasing and joking with our kids, but as teenagers, we all remember not feeling our best. Remembering our struggles helps put life into perspective with our kids getting older. Just think of the princess and the pea!


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