At Rejuvenations, we are proud to specialize in full body waxing. We are trained estheticians and cosmetologists who are educated in the physiology of skin & the structure of hair. We are proud to say we are known in the area for Eyebrow Shaping - We know the appropriate size and shape of the brow and specialize in shaping for your face structure. Private, one-on-one service, for both men and women will help you feel at ease in our spa, knowing that confidentiality is our top priority!

Brow Shaping
A relaxing place for two


This is for males or females!!

Eyebrow Shape (First Time)
​​30 min - $30

During this appointment, the technician will go over the appropriate shape & thickness of brows for your face. We will teach you how to pencil and powder your brows to get the most out of your beauty. This service is for any new guest or a returning guest that did not book at the time of their previous appointment.

Eyebrow clean-up
15 min - $23
This appointment is for guests that book at the desk when leaving their appointment. We prefer to keep everyone on a 3-4 week recall.


Eyebrow or Eyelash tint
15-45 min - $23 (for each)
During this appointment, we put a semi-permanent color on your brows or lashes or both to help bring out the natural color. This is a customized color that is used specifically for the eye area. We do NOT use hair color as this can cause damage to the eye area. 


Eyebrow shape with tint
30-60 min - $53

Eyebrow clean-up with tint

30-60 min - $46

**Check out our Lash Page to see the great services that companion services to having the perfect brow & lash game.


There is not a different charge based on your gender!!
Brazilian (First Time)
45 min - $81

This waxing service for men and women includes all of the hair in the pubic area (pubic bone to tailbone). Some guests choose to leave a small “landing strip” or choose not to do the back. Each of these are still in the realm of a Brazilian wax. We take our time and explain the entire procedure as we work.

We understand this is a sensitive service so please see our questions page for more detailed information.

Brazilian (Rebook - 8 weeks or less)
​30 min - $68
We offer this discount to all guests who stay on a recall of 4-8 weeks and book at our reception desk following each scheduled appointment.  If you have to check your schedule and call back at a later time,  this discount does not apply.


Modified Brazilian
30 min - $63
This waxing service is for those who want less than the Brazilian. It DOES NOT INCLUDE the back side, but it does include the bottom side of the genital area.

Modified Bikini

30 min - $53

This waxing service is for those who want more than a basic bikini, but less than the modified Brazilian. This services DOES NOT INCLUDE the back side or the bottom side of the genital area.


​30 min - $53

This waxing service is for those who only want the back side of the traditional Brazilian done. This includes from the top of the tailbone to the bottom of the genitalia. This is a popular service for those that suffer from excessive sweating.


Bikini Wax
​15 min - $38
This waxing services includes two inches on each side of the pubic area, where it would be at the sides of a bathing suit. It also includes one inch off the top.


Body Wax

Lip, Chin, or jaw

​​5-10 min - $15 EACH

Nose or Ears
10 min - $15 EACH

Sideburns or Neck line

15 min - $23


Face (includes lip, chin, jaw, & sideburns - $10 savings when done together)
​40 min - $58

Shoulders, or Underarm

20 min - $38 EACH


Stomach OR Glute Wax

​​20 min - $40 EACH

Back or Chest
45 min - $81 EACH

Full Arm Wax

30 min - $58


3/4 Leg Wax (includes knee)
​45 min - $88

Full Leg Wax

90 min - $128