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Reflections: Lessons Learned in 2019, from the Rejuvenations Staff

With Christmas in our rear view and looking ahead to the new year, many of us also find ourselves in reflection of the last 365 days. The ups, the downs, the "where did the time go?" The staff at Rejuvenations shares some of their lessons learned in 2019.


"This year has been one for the books for sure. I’ve

learned more than I could’ve ever expected to. I think

The biggest things has been to stay positive. It seemed

that the more that I’ve stayed positive, the more good

things have happened. I have always struggled with

looking at the negative in everything. At the end of the

day, that’s the only thing I was focused on, even if a

million good things were going on right in front of my

face. There are always people out there to help you,

whether you believe it or not. There’s more people

that go through similar experiences than you’d think.

And people do have good insights about situations

with point of views you’d never think of. Another

thing that I’ve realized in 2019 is that things happen

for a reason. It might not be what you want to happen,

or it might seem like the worst thing in the world, but

at the end of the day, it’s more than likely a lesson that

you need to learn." - Nikki Mekelburg


"After almost losing my dad this year, I learned that I can be strong for others and can compartmentalize during times of terrible stress; however, I also learned that after a crisis is over (weeks later), I literally breakdown and have to lean others to pick myself back up. And it’s ok to need to comfort when you don’t want to be weak." - Saber Fleenor


"My most valuable lesson in 2019 was realizing there is no deadline to figuring out what I want in life. All the rush and tension I’ve felt to make a big deal out of my life are only there because of societal expectations and pressure. I’ve learned to live in the present moment. My story is MY STORY and I’m going to enjoy it one day at a time." - Caroline Beilman


"Going to school full time and working 30 hours a week, along with making time for my family, and making sure I have time for myself isn’t a walk in the park. Positivity is key." - Renee Cline


"Don’t procrastinate." - Brandy Boeger (Sent an hour and a half after deadline, from the sunny beaches of Honolulu - a last minute vacation planned the day before she left. Girl's got jokes.)


"My biggest 2019 lesson has been to do away with things that do not nourish my life as a whole.

Whether it was cleaning out the clothing closet at the beginning of every season or cleaning out the relative closet of relationships, I have learned that there are things i have put around me that have minimal use. As I have gotten older, I realized that i didn’t have to fight for every joy. I truly recognized that fighting for things that did not come easy was an immature and childish mindset. Relationships always wax and wane, but, as adults, they really should bring great joy and satisfaction. One of the biggest sayings i have used in 2019 is, 'There are rules to relationships. If you don’t understand the rules, we don’t have a relationship.' It was the start of my husband and i setting really healthy boundaries around us and our children. It’s been eye opening and liberating." - Sase Fleenor


"2019 came with both positive and negative lessons for me.

The big positive was that a real hustle truly does pay off. I'm honestly so proud of the things I've

accomplished. And it's not arrogant to take pride in yourself and what you do, however; don't forget to make time for yourself. Don't push yourself into a breakdown.

As far as negatives go: some people just aren't worth your energy. Any of it. Misery loves company. If there's no reciprocity, or some people are determined to argue with you solely for their gain, or if they knowingly hurt you repeatedly without remorse, walk away before you allow them to take so much of yourself that you feel drained." - Amber Lang


We have a lot to be thankful for at Rejuvenations. Shifts in staff and dynamics in the past year were difficult, as always, but we feel like we have really settled, comfortably and joyously, into the team we have. We were able to attend a conference in Dallas, which allowed us to grow as a business, as a team, and enjoy some much needed R&R. We have continually been blessed by our guests to allow us to serve as part of the small business community of Hays, a town that is as tight-knit and truly caring as we are in our own spa family and our hearts. Thank you to all who have supported us as a business, as a team, and as individuals. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to lead with hearts to serve. Thank you for a wonderful 2019. May 2020 bless you each with love, happiness, and prosperity. Happy New Year, to all.

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