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At Rejuvenations, we are proud to offer Norvell Sunless products, which are paraben free, gluten free, sulfate free, phthalate free, GMO free, and Triclosan Free. What does that mean for our guests? You will receive a natural, vegan-friendly product that is great for your skin and produces the best glow for you. We offer different shades, in order to enhance your tan. Depending on your skin type and time of year, we will help you decide what will look the most natural.


Spray Tan

​​$30      Full Body

Cosmeceutical Spray will be applied to your entire body to achieve an overall glow and achieve richness in your skin.


$25      Upper OR Lower Body

Is it winter and you just want your legs tan, so you can wear a short dress with your sweater? Are you speaking in front of a crowd and just want your upper body to be sun-kissed. This is the perfect option for you.


$75/3    Full Body Pre-Paid 3-pack

If you know that you have several events coming up, this is the perfect option for you. Prepay for three spray tans, and get them for $25 each.

$100/5  Full Body Pre-Paid 5-pack

If you know that you have several events coming up, this is the perfect option for you. Prepay for five spray tans, and get them for $20 each.

$150/10  Full Body 10-pack PUNCH CARD

This is great if you are a budget connoisseur. Purchase a punch card with ten spray tans, getting them for $15 each. The punch card goes with you so this is shareable!

$5         Pre-treatment Balancing Spray

Before your spray tan, we prepare your skin with this simple solution that enhances color results, minimizes orange tones, moisturizes, and pH balances-all in one.

$5         Post-treatment HydroFirm Spray

After your spray tan, we spray away your dry skin with this lightweight, hydro-rich mist that immediately boosts the skin's self-tanning results while elevating moisture levels. This product is designed to instantly smooth and firm without streaking, and it creates a dewy, luminous finish on your skin.

Get the most out of your spray tan...

What to do Before

-Shaving, Waxing, Hair Color, Manicures, & Pedicures should all be done 24 hours prior to your spray tan

-Exfoliate for several days leading up to your spray tan. Make sure your last exfoliating is done 24 hours prior to your treatment. Using a sugar scrub or salt scrub with a loofah is the best exfoliant for a richer tanning experience.

-Do NOT use any lotions, creams, makeup, or perfumes the day of your treatment. Also, do NOT use deodorant of any kind.

-We HIGHLY recommend the pre-treatment and the post-treatment spray for the tan. Both of these products help the tan stay more even and longer lasting!


What to do During

-Bring loose clothing to your treatment.

-Wear a bathing suit or choose to go nude.

-Wear a shower cap, along with 'sticky feet' (which we provide) to avoid over-spray in unwanted areas.

What to do After

-Do NOT wet your skin for a minimum of 8 hours.

-Wait approximately 24 hours to bathe or shower with cleansers.

-Moisturize daily...moisturize daily....moisturize daily! Use a light-weight moisturizer rather than a cream moisturize, to achieve a long-lasting and rich tan. Spray tans generally last for 5-7 days. However, with daily moisturizing, your tan can last 7-10 days, depending on pre and post care, skin type, and moisture level.


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