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Friday Feature Product: Farmaesthetics Exfoliants

At Rejuvenations, the skincare on our retail shelf isn’t just something we sell - it’s something we believe in so much, that it’s the same products we use in our signature facials.

Maintain your post-facial glow at home with Farmaesthetics exfoliants featuring the Vassar Rose Perfecting Polish and the Sweet Milk Exfoliants line.

Nature provides the ultimate in sophisticated skincare ingredients, which is why Farmaesthetics products are hand-crafted with all-natural ingredients.

🌱 The Vassar Rose Perfecting Polish performs a safe at-home alternative to microdermabrasion treatments by removing dull, dead skin cells and minimizing pore size, naturally toning, brightening, and tightening skin.

🌱 Sweet milk has historically been found in beauty treatments for thousands of years. The healthy fats have been known to plump tissue, adding elasticity while milk’s natural lactic acid softens, brightens, and revived the complexion. 🌱🌱 Sweet Milk & Lavender Exfoliate to brighten and maintain a balanced complexion. 🌱🌱 Sweet Milk & Chamomile Exfoliate to restore a healthy glow to a sensitive complexion. 🌱🌱 Sweet Milk & Orange Peel Exfoliate for balancing an oily or congested complexion.

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