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All too often, you forget about yourself. You believe that a man is supposed to take care of others. A man is to always be strong. A man is supposed to fit into what is expected. Now is the time to realize you can be a gentleman. A gentleman knows that he must return the favor. A gentlemen inspires others to take care of themselves while taking care of himself. A gentleman takes the extra step, knowing the benefit to him will benefit the ones that he loves. 

Just for the Man

The classic essential is what a man cares about. Taking care of yourself  is the ultimate in grooming essentials. These services have combined our guest favorite of the Bourbon on The Rocks scrub with deep southern scents to take a man to the next level of self-care. Combining cedar, oak, vanilla, and patchouli adds a masculine element to an already rejuvenating experience.  Learn to relax while restoring your skin & body with our Men's Only Menu, featuring products from Olivina Men.


The Elite                      3 hrs 30 min - $215

Using Olivina Men, we combine a diamond dermabrasion, Hydra-exfoliating back treatment, & the Gentleman's Reserve. This package works to focus on a man's needs to restore the entire body back to the foundation of the nitty gritty.  For a man,  he needs a jumping off point to understand how taking care of his skin means more than a bar of soap and a razor. Starting with a diamond dermabrasion, the face is polished with a diamond grit then moisturized to perfection. The buffing back treatment uses Olivina Body Cleanser fused with a walnut-shell powder scrub to permeate its way to a refined texture followed up with a deeply relaxing back & neck massage with a light moisturizer. To add to this men's only package, the Gentleman's Reserve foot retreat assures that even your feet get The Elite Treatment. To make you the  seasoned gentleman

THE Tennessee Gentleman    2 hrs 30 min - $165

Using Olivina Men, we combine the Mellowed Jack, Gentleman's Remedy, & the Gentleman's Reserve. This package focuses on the relaxing side of the spa for that gentleman that deserves the most mellowing experience. Starting with a relaxing, full body massage to soothe even the most stressed muscles, this massage helps to promote rest & reprieve. The Mellowed Jack includes a restorative hand rescue to give you the softest touch. Followed with a polishing facial, the Gentleman's Remedy brings your skin back to a smooth texture that glows with health & luster. To complete this noble experience, you are treated to the Gentleman's Reserve, assuring that you can put your best foot forward. This package includes a 10-minute shower in our rustic-slate steam room.

A Gentleman.png


Gentleman's Remedy              45  Minute Facial - $50

Starting with warmed Olivina oil, your skin is prepped to remove oil & dirt. The cleanser hosts white birch & yerba mate extracts to balance &  refresh while adding hydration for facial hair. Using volcanic pumice with charcoal, the scrub promotes regrowth of healthy skin. The facial massage uses cedar & tea tree oils to hep calm skin while getting rid of itchy flakiness that is associated with shaving. This is followed by an SPF Moisturizer that is fast absorbing & non-greasy.

Mellowed Jack                 60 Minute Massage - $60

This full body massage uses cedar wood, hemp, & bergamot essential oils to promote a calm focus while centering & restoring the real you, working to smooth out your rough edges & get you ready for life. This massage has the added bonus of receiving a restorative hand rescue to give you the softest touch. Heated steam towels on your back & neck finish this mellowing massage, with a touch of the Olivina Bourbon Cedar cologne, to leave you feeling like you can conquer the world.

Gentleman's Reserve                           Add On - $35

This foot treatment is added on to either of the above services. Focusing on relaxing & softening your feet, we scrub your feet with our custom scrub, then wrap your feet in heated towels to make the most of this moisturizing treatment. After the rest of your body is massaged, this scrub is buffed off, & your foot massage is followed by a bourbon cedar cologne.

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