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At Rejuvenations, we build our relationships on trust, hard work, and togetherness. We will never sacrifice your education or license to try to get ahead. We follow the letter of the law in the way we all interpret it and to the best of our ability. We strive to take pride in all that we do and have fun doing it.

As a team, we provide monthly in-house training to better understand each service and treatment that everyone offers. We work together to meet goals that help us grow individually while earning trips as a team. We build one another up by setting aside time consistently to be together, either for work or as a family.


Posted: August 2021 -- All Positions remain opened until filled.

Massage Therapist, full time, experienced or recent graduate, or desire to learn

Have you always wanted to learn massage, but you were unsure where to start? We are actively looking to train the right person from the ground up, to help support our ever-growing community needs. We are looking for a person who is motivated and ready to dive into everything the spa industry has to offer.  We are willing to train the right candidate to help you grow your individual business while helping you achieve team success. To be successful at Rejuvenations, you must possess the desire to learn all massage techniques. You must be willing to take direction while maintaining a positive attitude. Extensive scheduled training program that includes Swedish massage, Chinese cupping, reflexology, tension-relief techniques, and relaxation massage will be included. Get paid as you learn! Send  resumes to (subject line to read 'ATTENTION SASE: available position to fill') to receive a call back for interview scheduling. EXPERIENCE IN SPA NOT REQUIRED!


Licensed Cosmetologist, full time, experienced or recent graduate

We are currently seeking a full-time Cosmetologist, licensed through the Kansas Board of Cosmetology, to help support our community growth. We are looking for a licensed professional who has a passionate interest within the spa industry.  We are willing to train the right candidate, as spa experience IS NOT REQUIRED. Likewise, we are willing to create a mentoring relationship to help you grow your individual business and teach you to achieve team success. You must be willing to learn, while being adaptable. If you have found, while working in a salon or attending cosmetology school, that your love is not hair, we may be your perfect introduction to the spa industry. An extensive training schedule will include manicures, spa pedicures, facials, body treatments, spray tans, lash extensions, and massage. Send any resumes to (subject line to read 'available position to fill') to receive a call back for interview scheduling.


Licensed Nail Technician, full time, experienced or recent graduate

We are currently seeking a full-time nail technician (or cosmetologist with a passion for nails) to join our team. We are looking for an experienced or newly licensed professional. Our technicians are responsible for performing a variety of spa services and customer relations at Rejuvenations. Rejuvenations is different in the industry, as we are not a Licensed Salon but a Licensed Spa and Licensed Nail Salon, which means we focus on skin care, waxing, massage, and nail therapy. An extensive training program will help you achieve personal professional and team goals. Professional nail therapists at Rejuvenations specialize in nail therapy, spa pedicures, foot retreats, shellac manicures, Young Nails manicuresd, and massage therapy (if interested). Serious inquires only. Please send vresumes to (subject line to  read 'available position to fill') to receive a CONFIDENTIAL call back for interview scheduling. NO SPA EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!


Our Philosophy

Rejuvenations seeks to perfect the art of skin care through providing quality aesthetics by licensed estheticians, licensed nail technicians, licensed cosmetologists, and certified massage therapists. With the heart to serve, we work to educate and contribute to civic and moral integrity by growing strong character within ourselves and through the members of our community. Providing quality aesthetics since 2007.


"You wear strength & honor as if they are your clothes; you laugh with no fear of the future. You speak wisdom. On your tongue is kindness. You take care of your family & house, and you are busy all of the time. You do not gossip. Your children call you blessed. God praises you and your hard work saying, "Many of My daughters do well, but you excel them all." Proverbs 31: 25-29


Our Contract

In this industry, many business try to require that you sign a contract that states that if you are terminated or leave their facility, you are not allowed to work in the town or county where their facility is located. However, this is classified as a voidable contract through Kansas Legislation, as it "may cause undue influence or duress to one party." This means that, while the contract is legal to sign, it is voidable through The Supreme Court of the State of Kansas because not allowing one party to work in their town of residence would cause undue stress and burden.

The contract that we require for all of the technicians at Rejuvenations simply states that our trade secrets shall not be shared and have nothing to do with your ability to work upon leaving the employed status of Rejuvenations. We set the standards of our industry, as any business should. If you feel that you are interested in working within our business but believe you are bound by a contract through your current employment, feel free to email us to know how to protect yourself and your business within this industry. All inquiries and questions shall remain private and confidential.

To Apply

Do you believe that you or someone that you know would be great for these positions? Please email Cover Letter, Resume and Three Professional Business References to




Any additional industry, business, or specific Rejuvenations questions can also be directed to

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