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We offer on-site makeup application for any of your needs. Whether it is your senior pictures, your wedding day, family photos, or you just want to change it up, we are the best choice around. We generate looks for high-end photo shoots, boudoir sessions, and everyday looks.  If you are wanting something a little avante garde, look no further. We are here to serve you. If you have a specific look in mind or need help selecting the many great photographers in this community, contact us to help.

Makeup Portfolio

MUA - Sase Fleenor
MUA - Sase Fleenor
MUA - Joni Salinas
MUA - Sase Fleenor
MUA - Sase Fleenor
MUA - Brandy Boeger
Body Paint by Sase: Makeup by Saber

Body Paint by Sase: Makeup by Saber

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Many of these photos showcase our technique and skill. Often times, when on a photo shoot, we hear how beautiful our 'models' feel after seeing themselves in the mirror. We want you to know that we believe we do amazing makeup, however, our makeup does not look beautiful, YOU look beautiful! Makeup is a tool that we use to define the beauty around us. We do not create the beauty - it is already there. You just do not always see it as we do.

A photographer we work hand in hand with said, "These boudior sessions make or break a woman's self-image. So many times, they come in here intimidated and insecure. It's four kids and twenty years of marriage that have them believing they are no-longer pretty in the mirror. We get to watch them transform as the makeup is applied and the photo shoot progresses. Doing this makes a woman believe in herself again - there is a sense of worth that comes back. We are serving our clients like a celebrity because in their life, they should be honored as such."  We couldn't agree more!

For more information on the photographers we work with please click here.
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