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Our Favorite Things: Staff Holiday Gift Giving Guide, Pt. 10 w/ Nikki

Christmas is less than 10 days away! The newest addition to our staff, Nicole Marie, didn’t have a hard time falling in love with some of our signature products.

1. The first time I used the lip softener from Farmaesthetics, I fell in love. My lips get really dry, especially in the winter time. Just a tiny bit of the lip softener went a long way, and it left my lips feeling a million times better.

2. The first time I ever walked into Rejuvenations, I remember commenting on how amazing and relaxing it smelled It’s a tie a between the Rejuvenations lotion and the Spa Scent essential oil for my favorite. The smell of the lotion is so satisfying, and it’s long lasting. When I get home after a long day and sit on my couch, the smell of the spa scent fills my entire house, and it instantly relaxes me.

3. I’ve always struggled with skin care. I could never find a cleanser that I felt was right. Either it wasn’t giving me the results that I wanted or it were just too harsh on my skin. I finally tried the Farmaesthetics Fine Herbal Cleanser, and I was hooked. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my face which has also had a huge impact on my self esteem, as well.

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