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Let the lash specialists at Rejuvenations give you the look you desire. Lash services are a great addition to your everyday life. Just wanting something "extra" for a special occasion? Look no further, see the information below for all of our options in lash services

​120 min - $145

These eyelashes are applied to your individual lashes.  Your lashes will look extremely long and full.  All of the lashes added will be different lengths to give the most natural look.  There are approximately 60-100 put on each eye which makes for a 2 hour appointment. Recommended fill every 2-4 weeks. Anything over 4 weeks is charged as a new set.  45-65 minute fill appointment. 

          2 WEEK FILL - $50

          3 WEEK FILL - $60

          4 WEEK FILL - $70


​15 min - $20

These light-weight lashes are made with real human hair and are reusable many times if cared for properly.  This application includes the cost of the lashes.

**Still have questions? Come in for a free consult to see all of your options.

**Lashes are a great addition to many of our makeup services.  When having any professional photography done, wearing one of our types of lashes will help allow your eyes to stand out and "pop" more in pictures. Most generally, they are invisible to everyone, which is great for that special occasion! 

Sugarlash PRO is High Lash Society. Sugarlash PRO pushes lash industry standards with breakthrough lash technology, cutting edge education, and a network of professionals who are committed to Avant-garde lash services around the globe.
60 min - $75

After using a curling and neutralizing solution, your lashes are treated with a conditioning oil to revitalize and rejuvenate the lashes, encouraging strength and growth. This treatment creates a more natural shape and accentuated curve to your own lashes, often times eliminating the need for lash extensions. Utilizing curl shields that lift the lashes from the root, this service creates a beautiful, uplifted look. This service includes an eyelash tint, helping to create a dark upper and lower lash. This helps the guest notice that their lashes are darker in appearance, have a prominent curl, and show great length. When combining this service with the individual or hybrid lashes, guests are able to achieve an amazing effect. It is recommended this service be done every 8 weeks for maximum results.

​15-45 min - $20
During this appointment, we put a semi-permanent color on your lashes to help darken the natural color and make your lashes appear longer and fuller. We do NOT use hair color, as this can cause damage to the eye area. This is a customized color that is formulated specifically for the eye area.


30 min - $20

We require clients to come makeup free or a charge will be applied for any makeup removal. All lashes must be clean & dry, therefor, when clients arrive with makeup, it adds 30 extra minutes onto lash services.