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Meet Me Monday: Cosmetologist & CMT Amber 'Stacks' Stackenwalt

This hard working mama puts her body to the test making sure her guests always feel right. This #meetmemonday is cosmetologist and CMT Amber 'Stacks' Stackenwalt.

Q: Let's talk about how you got your start in cosmetology A: My grandma owned a salon. She got it when I was about a year old, so I kinda grew up in it. I fell in love with it, and started working for her selling retail when I was 14 and brought in Bare Minerals. Fell in love with that line, so I started doing a lot with makeup, and then I decided that I wanted to go into cosmetology. I graduated high school when I was 17, so I went to Hays Academy and graduated when I was 18. Q: What was the transition in life that led you to become part of the Rejuvenations spa family? A: One of the girls who was working here at the time came and got a massage from me while I was at Desbien Designs. She was basically interviewing me the whole time, then she told me they wanted me to come in for an interview, but I wasn't interested. Fate had it that I was meant to be here, though. About a month later I came and talked with the owners, and I was pretty much hired from there. Q: And how long have you been with us now? A: Two years. Q: Do you have a favorite service to perform? You give excellent massages. A: Massages are definitely my favorite. I have a bunch of different clients that really need what I do. From RA to people that have gone through chemo to people with back problems in general. I can work more on that therapeutic side. A lot of the guest that I have really need to have it done. That gives me a different sense of fulfillment. Not only can I make them feel better, but it also helps them with their day to day life. Q: What's your favorite part of being a part of the Rejuvenations spa family? A: That we are a family for sure. Doesn't matter if I'm on vacation for a week. I'm just ready to see me girls. This is my middle point. It is my get away from a get away. I love it.

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