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Friday Feature Service: Express Services

We can pay the extra money to have dinner delivered, because we don’t have time to make anything decent. We can hire a landscaper to mow the yard, because we can’t get away from work with enough daylight left to do it ourselves. We can pay the fee to have someone shop our groceries, so we can enjoy the convenience of grab and go.

We’ve managed to find plenty of ways to pay for the inconvenience of not having enough time, but, the one thing we can’t buy is more time. Add in the chaos if holiday gatherings with friends, co-workers, and extended family, plus the kids’ Christmas concerts, and the most wonderful time of the year easily becomes the most chaotic time of the year.

Fortunately, Rejuvenations understands that, sometimes, the only peace and quiet we get is on our lunch break. Let us help you achieve some much needed rest and relaxation in a pinch with our 30 minute express services.

Our 30 minute express massage focuses on your specific problem areas. The 30 minute express pedicure comes complete with nail care, exfoliant, and a foot massage before your polish. Our 30 minute express facial is a double cleanse, exfoliant with steam, toner and moisturizer. And, each express is only $30, for spa quality services that won’t break the bank, while still easily carving out some much deserved self-care and pampering in your hectic life.

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