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Merry Spa Christmas, from our Spa Family to Yours

Have you ever just stopped at a family gathering and listened to the chatter from all the corners of the room? All the voices, the different conversations, all at the same time. The sound creates a buzz throughout the room. The voices that carry, the laughs you've come to love, the stories reminiscing of days past. The unmistakable hum of family.

We are blessed with a spa family that is no different. As plates were being served at this year's Christmas dinner, I couldn't help but notice the sound that I hadn't heard in many years. Since my grandma passed, my large extended family doesn't get together as much as we once did, but I have been blessed with a work family that jumps at the opportunity to support me in all the ways my own family would.

Complete with a crackling fire pit, a fully served five-course meal, a bartender, 200 Jell-O shots, endless love and laughter, and, much to the delight of most, a karaoke machine, this year's party seemed to top the years before. And even for those of us that don't love karaoke quite as much as the rest, my heart was still overwhelmingly full, as I sat back and watched synchronicity unfold, the whole becoming more than the sum of its parts. In that moment, we were more than the individuals we know ourselves to be. We were part of something bigger and better. We were family.

Somehow, each jubilant spirit connected just right, for a seamless night of pure, holiday joy. Somehow, over 20 people found themselves in the midst of the perfect storm of hilarity and peace among each other, that only a handful of photos were taken. It was a night too busy making memories to think of capturing them.

"With others serving us and us enjoying each other in the midst of organized chaos, it gave us the opportunity to connect,” said co-owner Sase Fleenor.

Co-owner, Saber Fleenor agreed, “It really felt like a true spa family moment, and we haven’t gotten that opportunity in quite some time.”


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