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Our Favorite Things: Staff Holiday Gift Giving Guide, Pt. 9 w/ Lacie

Only TWO shopping weeks left! 🎄🎅🏻

For those of you still scrambling for gift ideas 🎁, Lacie Turner offers you a simple take on a timeless favorite:

My favorites out of all the products - to anyone who knows me and my love for candles - wouldn’t be surprised to find out it is the Paddywax Apothecary candles. I was immediately drawn to them, after I started at Rejuvenations. The look of the jars fits my likings perfectly, beautiful amber glass with a simplistic label. Classic, but beautiful. The first of the 3 we carry I thought I liked the most was the Amber & Smoke. It was late summer and it smelled like that last bonfire before it gets cool. Then when it got colder I really started getting into the Tabacco & Patchouli and how musky, but relaxing, the scent was. I told myself I wasn’t going to buy one till Christmas, and in that time period we ended up selling out of all of the Tobacco & Patchouli, so I got myself a Vetiver & Cardamom. Before I knew it I was burning it everyday. The scent was now by FAR my favorite. It is the most relaxing scent to come home to. I literally look forward to it every day.

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