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Friday Feature Service: CND Shellac & Nail Art

Earlier this week, you were introduced to our in-house nail art specialist, Lacie Turner, which leads us to this week’s #fridayfeatureservice, shellac manicures and nail art.

Shellac combines the ease of polish with incomparable high-gloss shine and extended wear. A UV light is used to cure the polish to a high luster for 14+ days of high-performance wear. There is zero dry time and no nail damage. Shellac can include nail art or be done as a solid color set.


I sat down with Lacie to get some insight on her artistic process.

Q: I can't even draw a stick figure,

A: I've always been a pretty artistic person, even back in high school. I took art all four years, so I have a lot of ideas floating in my head. A couple of weeks ago I saw chickens at a friends and thought, 'I've never seen chickens on nails. I want to do chickens on nails!' Pinterest helps. I do a lot of Pinterest nail browsing. Sometimes a guest will come in with a picture and I will try to recreate it. Some will just let me be creative and do what I feel like.

Q: And you use a lot of special brushes and tools to help you create such intricate designs on a small space.

A: I have two different ways that I do a lot of it. One of them are little dotter tools, and those are good for filling in bigger spaces. The fine detail work I actually do with nail art pens, that I got for Christmas from my brother in law, who is a graphic designer. I also use actual fine detail paint brushes. If I do glitter, I use brushes that are cheaper, so I can dispose of them, so I don't ruin a good nail brush.

Q: What else do you think people should know about nail art?

A: Anybody can pull off nail art, whether they think they have too small of nails or it's not them. There's a great design for everyone.

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