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A Farm Girl and Her Brothers

Lacie Turner walked into the Rejuvenations' family a little over a year ago. Soft spoken and kind, no one could have imagined what her heart truly held. A family history of depression and loss hangs heavy on her gentle smile. In January of 2008, Lacie lost her brother, Bae, to suicide. Then, 5 years later, almost to the day, the unthinkable happened. Lacie lost yet another brother, Jesse, to suicide. Pained so by Bae's death, Jesse took his life at Bae's gravesite in February of 2013. I asked Lacie if she would be willing to contribute to this week's blog. I told her to write whatever she wanted. This is her tribute to Bae and Jessie.


Bae Joseph Jacka. Bae was the second of four of us. He had a heart of gold and was known and loved by so many. He loved to ride dirt bikes, hunt, fish, work on his Jeep, and, most importantly, he loved his little girl more than anything. He was more brave than I'll ever even imagine being. His goofy laugh and "shit-eatin'" grin, as it would be called in our family, is missed more each year.


Jesse James Jacka. Jesse was the 3rd if the 4 of us. Jesse was never known to be any sort of shy, and he let this world know it. He may have been a big tough-guy most of the time, but, what my mom would call her "teddy bear," was right under the surface.

Jesse loved his nieces and nephew more than anything and was such a role model to them, still to this day. He also loved dirt bikes, hunting, fishing, and his Dodge. Jesse wasn’t afraid of anything; one of his proudest moments was coming home from skydiving for the first time. It set his eyes on fire how excited he was about it. We all know he’s watching over us with that same excitement, waiting for the day we meet again.


If you or a loved one is expressing suicidal ideations please call 1-800-273-TALK or know your local resources. In all cases of an emergency, dial 911.

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