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"Treat a child as though he already is the person he is capable of becoming."

Back in May, we decided to jump in on the city-wide garage sale, but not for ourselves, as we believe God has instilled in each of us a heart to serve.


All spa staff members donated items and time to raise $185 that would be used for the purchase of items needed at KVC Hospitals, a local mental health care and counseling treatment facility for youth in Kansas. With the money collected we were able to purchase items for 24 children, enough for every bed in the hospital.


Every child at KVC will now have: Items for children to share:

▪️Toothbrush ▪️Markers

▪️Toothpaste ▪️Crayons ▪️Body wash ▪️Colored pencils

▪️Deodorant ▪️Glue & Construction paper ▪️Hair Ties ▪️Card games ▪️Composition books ▪️Yahtzee

All unsold items from the garage sale were donated to The Arc of Central Plains Thrift Shop. Special thanks to staff member Tanisha Steinike for coordinating this event and connecting us to KVC, as well as grandmother of staff member Gabriella Zimmerman, Lora Haynes, for donating her garage space and tolerating our endless shenanigans. We truly hope those roller blades went to a happy home.

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