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It's Brow-A-Thon

What an exciting time for all of the community, as Fort Hays State University starts the fall semester, football is in the air, and the favored Spiced Pumpkin Latte is back for another year!

What many may not know is that it is also a busy time for the Rejuvenations Team. We host our annual brow-a-thon to help all of the new teachers, new professors, and new students get to know the part of our community that can help them feel at home.


We started this just a few short years after opening our Rejuvenations. One of the main goals in offering this day is to let new members of the community know where they can go to get services that focus on them. In the hurried hustle and bustle of life, it becomes a fleeting thought to care for one's self.

Why do we think it is of great importance to take care of YOU? Because without self-care, where is the energy to offer others a life-line? From rest and relaxation to looking your best, we want to hear from you. Getting you in our door is important, but keeping you coming back is what matters. We pride ourselves on being your specialist and your family when you are new to our community! We don't give away just to get you here. We give away this day to you to remind everyone that life is worth living with friends to live it with!

Join Us for our free day of services. We offer free brow shaping, paraffin hand massages, mini neck massages, snacks, and joyful entertainment. Come find out what we are made of!

One More Day With You
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