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The Importance of Exfoliating the Skin

Exfoliating is a skin care step that removes dead skin cells from the skin surface. This is a very important step that should be incorporated into your skin care regiment weekly.

Exfoliation can be performed chemically, mechanically or by using an abrasive scrub. Not only will weekly exfoliation brighten your complexion, it will allow moisture from serums and lotions to penetrate deeper into the skins surface. Exfoliation also helps to remove rough, dry skin, and cells that may be clogging pores.

Do be sure to not over exfoliate the skin, as this can lead to irritation and dryness. To better understand your skin care needs, please consult with an aesthetics professional. Rejuvenations offers Diamond Dermabrasion, glycolic acid peels, and exfoliating scrubs.

Try our Farmaesthetics Sweet Milk and Lavender Exfoliant. Milk, with its high level of whole natural lactic acid, has been used throughout the ages to enhance beauty by removing dull surface skin cells and infusing tissue with the good carbs and fats needed to keep it supple and keep your complexion bright.

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