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March Makeup Month

Through the month of March, we focus on makeup lessons and our retail line, Esther Cosmetics. Our special service pricing includes a free mini facial with the purchase of a lesson, along with our Esther Cosmetics being between 20-30% off all month long!

Esther Cosmetics

Being made in the USA insures that our cosmetic line has the highest quality of ingredients to work for your skin--rather than against your skin. Esther Cosmetics is Paraben free to safeguard that there are no preservatives in our line that disrupt your endocrine system. Freeing themselves from animal testing, Esther Cosmetics chooses to love even the smallest among us. The Gluten Free Stamp is worn proud in Esther Cosmetics. Why is this important? We want to guarantee something that we can stand proud behind. Esther Cosmetics gives us that guarantee.

Makeup Consult - FREE

15-30 minutes

Schedule a free makeup consult any time with the professional staff of Rejuvenations. We will help you find everything from the perfectly matched foundation to the deepest pigmented shadows and blushes. We can direct you to the tricks of our trade to help you achieve success!

Mini Makeup Lesson - $45

One Hour

This one hour service offers so much. You are gifted a free mini facial that includes a pre-oil treatment, Farmaesthetics cleanse, boosting exfoliation, toning serum, & finishing moisturizer. You will then receive a 45-minute makeup lesson that teaches your true face shape, contouring & highlighting, simple yet stunning eyes, and a brightening blush to match your lip color. After your service, choose a variety of take-home Esther Cosmetics at 25% off

Rejuvenations Makeup Lesson - $120

Two Hours, 30 minutes

You are gifted a free express facial to help prepare your skin to the best texture. This facial includes a pre-oil treatment, Farmaesthetics double cleanse, boosting exfoliation with steam, toning serum, & finishing moisturizer. While you relax under the steam, you will be given a free foot massage. You will then receive a full two hour makeup lesson that teaches your true face shape, contouring & highlighting, stunning eyes, a brightening blush to match your lip color, along with learning how to go from day to evening in a flash. After your service, choose from a variety of Esther Cosmetics to achieve your makeup goals for 30% off.

All of our Esther Cosmetics are 20% off for the entire month of March. With our line of Esther Cosmetics and our makeup consultations and guides, you will never sit in front of your own mirror with buyer's remorse. Check out our Makeup Portfolio and our Body Paint video to see our artists' work.
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