We are about quality, not quantity. We will never sacrifice your service. How do we prove this to you? We take pride in our training process. We spend time helping our dedicated professionals perfect one service before moving onto the next. We want to make a difference in your life because, to us, the more lives that we touch, the better the world around us becomes.  Private, one-on-one service, for both men and women will help you feel at ease in our spa, knowing that confidentiality is our top priority! We offer the absolute best in the services we provide.

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Sase Fleenor

Sase is a licensed esthetician. Having a B.S. in Hospitality Management, with an emphasis in Hospitality Operations and certificate in HR Management, she focuses on staff education and business while diligently perfecting guest care. Sase focuses on eyebrow shaping and Brazilian waxing, being a master in this field. Her technique has her clientele appreciating her speed and accuracy. Sase and her husband, Mike, have two sons. In their free time, they enjoy alpine skiing and gardening.