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Meet Me Monday: Cosmetologist Dallie Cheyenne Jordan

This southern belle left her roots far behind to chase big game and big dreams. More than just a pretty face, she's driven inside the spa and out. One of the newest cosmetologists of Rejuvenations, many of you know her as Cheyenne, but family knows her as Dallie.

Q: Alright, miss Dallie Cheyenne Jordan - can I use your real name? A: You sure can. Q: You're originally not from Kansas at all, and the story you told me behind why you moved to Kansas is actually really interesting and unexpected, so why did you come here to begin with? A: Well my dad has been coming here since 1996, and he bow hunts with my family. And after I graduated from cosmetology school, I wanted to come up here and bow hunt with him as well. I decided I needed a change and moved. Q: Where are you originally from? A: I am originally from Louisiana - Winfield. Q: To give people a relative idea of where that is... A: It's about 2 hours from Lafayette, which is also where I went to cosmetology school, at the Aveda Institute. Q: Why did you decide to go into cosmetology? A: I have been doing my friends' hair and makeup since I was young. Like, YouTube videos 24/7. At one point in time I decided to switch over from hair and makeup and do more of the spa side of things. Q: Talk about the path that led you to become part of the Rejuvenations team A: The place that I was at before, I wasn't able to offer everything that I like doing. Here, I am able to do everything that I love. The spray tans, the different types of manicures you can get, the lashes - I love the diamond dermabrasions. Q: You've been here how long now? A: About 6 months. Q: What's your take on things? A: I love it. This is the best, because this is the first time I'm able to build up my clientele and really work with my guests one-on-one and get to know them. At the other spa I was at, we would have people come once a year. They'd be coming from out of state.You can't really build up a relationship like that. And I love being able to do that here.

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