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When it comes to wearing makeup, it is easy to feel intimidated. It is true that so many of us are afraid of something that was created to showcase our natural beauty. The difficulty lies with not understanding where to begin, because you have never been taught. We are all-too-often left to fend for ourselves, as generations of women follow in the footsteps of their mothers and grandmothers. Unless your geneology leads back to the beginning of a makeup artist in the family, you may not even understand what most makeup is for or how to apply it correctly.

When just getting started, figure out what feature you love the most about your face. Learn how to accentuate that area. Don't be afraid to seek the help of a professional. In today's era, so many makeup artists and amateurs try too hard. If you can see that someone is wearing makeup, you may feel more insecure asking for their help... worrying that they are judging you, or you may think that they will push you into looking 'made up' like them.

How can you learn everything you need to know about makeup? There are a few simple guidelines that can lead you to success:

  • Locate a spa that specializes in makeup and schedule a lesson. Many salons and spas may exist in your area. However, unless the technicians have great training or have saturated skills that come from the self-teaching arenas, you may be paying someone who is no-more skilled than yourself. Whether you go to an Esthetician, makeup artist, or cosmetologist, you are there to learn. It does not matter how old someone is or how many years they have done makeup. The most important thing is that the technician has a passion for their guest to feel comfortable while they have a passion for the service. The second most important thing is the artistic ability of your technician. There are many things I have wanted to do in life. Being a gymnast was one of them. I can want it all I want. However, if I do not possess the skill, I cannot perform with excellence. Third, their job cannot be to simply promote their product. Overall, the spa or salon you choose should be there to give you the skills to use any product on the market to achieve success. While we encourage our top-quality makeup, it appears more expensive in the beginning. Yet, your pocket book will thank you when you are using less over an extended length of time. Regardless, the skills of the best makeup artists in the world were founded on a variety of over-the-counter products.

  • Give your makeup artist a budget.

If you have no idea what you are able to spend, you may walk out with buyers' remorse OR a lack

of the products that will get you off on the right foot. Figure out what you are willing to spend on

product alone. A good technician will be able to help you achieve success with even a small budget

in mind. If you feel pressured in any way, you are in the wrong place! Makeup is made to

accentuate your qualities. If, every time you use it, you are upset with yourself for over-spending,

you may never be satisfied with your appearance, because it is tied to remorse! Keep in mind, it is

our job to show you what we think will work the best for you. With all of the professional makeup

at our disposal, we get excited to show you the amazement in our own product-line.

  • Do not be afraid to ask questions! You are, after all, paying for your artist's knowledge.

When you do not know what you do not know, it is easy to get confused! Ask any question you

can think of. When asking the simple questions, or the questions that seem silly to you, you may

spark something in your makeup artist's mind to tell you some great tid-bit of knowledge or a

super makeup tip that may have been overlooked. Your makeup artist should set you at ease,

reminding you that no question is too great or too small!

  • Know who you are and who you want to be.

Do not let the makeup artist that you are scheduled with convince you to wear your makeup in a

way that makes you feel uncomfortable. In order to feel good about ourselves, we must be

comfortable in our own skin. It certainly is not very comfortable when you look in the mirror and

do not recognize yourself! Speak up and feel good about it. Some women love makeup. Others

want to wear as minimal as possible or none, and then there are those who have no idea what

they want. You decide who you are.

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